DaWangGang No. 6 at WMCE

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In August number 6 of the World Music Charts Europe:
 DaWangGang with the new CD Huang Qiang Zou Ban (wild Tune Stray Rhythm). DaWangGang will get a major music award in this month ... more is not revealed at this point. “Musician Song Yuzhe, founder of Dawanggang, created this art project to focus upon songs and rhythms from western and China and central Asia. The title is a term used in Chinese opera to describe music which is slightly out of tune and out of rhythm. Dark, dramatic and meandering.” WMCE - MG/26.05.2013 DaWangGang Avantgarde Singer-Songwriter from China - an archaic trip through Asian soundscapes Philosophical stories and poems about animals, children or wizards, embedded in musical textures from guitar, horse-head-fiddle, ghijek, throat-singing, jaw harp, drums, percussion and samples, combined and played in ever-new variations. A trip through Chinese and central-Asian folklore, experimental and nature-adapted soundscapes, archaic sound of wideness, rhythmic trance, expressive-energetic emotions and stories full of fantasy, wisdom and depth. More about DaWangGang ->