Songs about New York

Rachelle Garniez & Mark Ettlinger

presented with Fotos and Readings from the Book “New York – Past & Present”
A multi media performance with historical and current fotos from 1928 to today

Tour from 8. to  22. february 2020

Rachelle Garniez – Accordeon, Piano, Guitar, Vocals
Mark Ettlinger –  Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Ulrich Balß – Text, Concept

The great entertainer Rachelle Garniez joins forces with Mark Ettlinger for a New York program.  They developed a program about songs from NEW YORK.

There is no city in the world about which so many songs have been written and for the first time ever there will be a multimedia program with stories about the city about historical pictures from 1928.

The two multi-instrumentalists have put together a fascinating programme from more than 2000 songs about NEW YORK. The author of the New York book “Past & Present” Ulrich Balß presents texts by Leipzig bookbinder Theodor Trampler, who photographed the historical photos from NEW YORK 1928. From his diary letters he describes the impressions of a German who, out of necessity, goes to New York with a camera and bicycle to earn money for his family in Germany.

Garniez and Mark Ettlinger, musicians with a long career and many international publications, rich in experience in compiling programmes for theatre and stage, have conceived an evening that takes us back to a time 90 years ago.

Rachelle Garniez:
belongs in the “Big Apple” to the circle of the best singer/songwriters.  Her extraordinarily virtuoso voice has already led to comparisons with the “female Tom Waits”, but also with Joni Mitchell. She is a multi-instrumentalist: she plays accordion, claviola, piano and guitar. From 2013 to 2015 she was a member of Hazmat Modine and toured with them through Europe. She toured three times with the American Songbirds in Europe as well as with various solo programs. So far she has released two CDs under her own name on JARO:

“Greetings from Dreamsville” JARO 4315-2

“Who is Counting” JARO 4327-2

Plus 3 more CDs with the American Songbirds

Ulrich Balß
Music producer / label chief of JARO and author of the books Lisboa and New York “Past & Present”
has a different view of the two cities with his books. His books are highly praised:
Current to the tour: New York “Past & Present” 158 pages, ISBN 978-3-9813509-3-7
An impressive composition of old letters, old photos, modern photos, beautiful book design and a stunning music, which was partly created especially for this book. The book is a very sensitive, very personal work of art, representing many facets of the city of New York, but always revolving around two axes: family history and music. The basic recipe: a lot of family history, a bit of history, a bit of modern times, and all of this permeated by grandiose sounds.                          Jouvancourt 10/18