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Mountain Tale

//Mountain Tale
Mountain Tale 2013-06-26T17:30:34+00:00


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Touring period:  Dates only on request
Free Tourdates:  on request only
Countries:  World
Line-Up:  Bulgarian Voices Angelite, 19 Sängerinnen/singer + 1 conductor ( onstage) + 3 persons ( mananger + 2 bus drivers )Moscow Art Trio, 3 musiciansHuun-Huur-Tu, 4 musiciansStaff:
1 x sound ing.
1 x light ing.
1 x manager
Hotel:  32 Persons,
10 double rooms
12 single rooms
*** star ( arrival day before concert in the morning ) , min 2 days Hotel
Technic:  see sound + light rider
They will need to have equipement set up at concert day till midday 11.00 am.
Misc:  On day before the concert the ensemble will need an afternoon rehearsal from 14 – 18.00 h
Dinner on that day in the evening, sndwich + non alcoholic drings on rehearsal day.
On concert day dinner after the show. Catering during afternoon rehearsal before concert.Program for audience should always be provided
Agents in other countries:  JARO worldwide

Light Rider

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Sound Rider

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