The fall season 2019 shows two new JARO releases by Johannes Cernota – Piano solo and Jasper van´t Hof with his new B.E.Trio.

Both artists have a long career as piano players Jasper from the Jazz side more than 50 years stage presence and Johannes , a classic trained piano player , specialist of the music of Erik Satie.

The announced tour Jasper van t Hof B.E. Trio has to be moved to 2020, but all tickets keep valid for people which already reserved theirs. 

Huun Huur Tu startet their European concert tour, more than half of the shows are already sold out and in 2020 there will be released a phonebook about Tuva , their home country close to the border of Mongolia. This is the third photobook in the series „Past & Present“ and will show more than 100 new and some historical fotos as well as articles about nomads, music, shamans and culture. A must for all Huun Huur Tu fans, it will include as well music.

Last but not least :  The multi-media tour „Ein Abend in New York“ with Rachelle Garniez, Erik Della Penna and Ulrich Balss was a hugh success so that JARO decided to release a music out of that program. It will be recorded end of November and is on release February 2020 when the next tour will take place in Germany and Austria.