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A journey among nomads, shamans and musicians in Tuva

at the border to Mongolia,

a photobook with many explanations

Many thank´s to Mikhail Barynin , the filmmaker from Moscow to give the permission using his material for promoting our book project.

What is this project about?

On their concert tours around the world, which I manage, the performances of Huun Huur Tu, the world’s best overtone ensemble, always raise questions about where they come from. People say they are Mongolians after all. But this is mistaken, because the Tuvan people are of Turkic origin.  A highly advanced civilization, the Scythians, contemporary with the Egyptians, existed in Tuva in 2000 BC. I deal with these and other topics in this book, which is primarily a photo book. A fine TV documentary about overtone singing and a music CD will be added to the book. The aim is to make TUVA and its culture better known, as well as to promote travel there.   The target group are people who like to experience adventure, love overtone singing, and are interested in spirituality and shamanism.

This book is the first to ever introduce Tuva in a vivid way.  There are illustrated books about almost every corner of the earth. But Tuva is TERRA INCOGNITA and there are many questions that this book will answer. 

Unfortunately, in this time of Corona, the production has come to a standstill. In addition to completing the project itself, we also have to organize the distribution all over the world, while in the mean time the financing has evaporated.  With this book you will receive an extraordinary DVD about overtone singing and a CD of the world’s best overtone singers.  The crowdfunding campaign is needed to finance printing, distribution and advertising.

JARO Medien publishes the project and organises the tours of the Huun Huur Tu ensemble in Europe. In cooperation with the musicians and their many supporters, agents of the group in America and China, as well as in various European countries, we have succeeded in bringing the culture of Tuva to a worldwide, constantly growing fan base.

I, Ulrich Balß, have been working with these musicians for the last 24 years. Last year they shared with me a very personal, private insight into their families and their country. I am most grateful for this life experience.

Project description

The best overtone singers in the world, Huun Huur Tu, come from Tuva, a Steppeland on the border with Mongolia; pure Nature, 6000km east of Europe.  Apart from its music, shamanism and nomadism are its most famous features. Tanna Tuva is a forgotten and extinct state, which for only 22 years was an independent state.  Tuva;Terra Incognita presents photos, interviews, interesting facts, music, and grandiose insights from the very center of Asia, the point on earth farthest from any ocean. The book is accompanied by a CD and DVD. Discover TUVA!

I would like to thank all supporters of the project in advance. Culture has been dealt a particularly hard blow in these times, and exxtraordinary projects such as this oney can only be realized through your support.

For this I have selected a few special premiums, which you will receive from us in early autumn without additional postage costs.  Some of my selected gifts are absolute rarities and only available in very limited quantities, for example the unique, historical stamps from Tuva, or one of very few original books about Tuva from 1931.

The crowdfunding campaign will be processed via the JARO Media Mailordershop and you can pay simply with Paypal.

You will receive your Thank-you-presents postage-free at the end of August/beginning of September

Give aways

Example pages from the Book

The Music inside the book

Live CD is a recording done in Ireland 2019. Huun-Huur-Tu Live

DVD: A German TV production with english subtitles about the secrects ot
Tuvan throat singing. Filmed in the 90s by Wolfgang Hamm, Cologne