Stolen Moments


The Dutch pianist Jasper van’t Hof successfully merges European Jazz, fusion and various elements of African music.



01. Fingerlips 3:34
02. Mister Tarzan 6:24
03. Hippo Hips 4:18
04. Going Jungle 3:42
05. Libertata 6:51
06. Stolen Moments 5:49
07. Bambara 6:01
08. Our neighbours party 3:21
09. Pili Pili 7:07
Bonustrack: “Pili Pili (New Version)”

Manfred Schoof- Trumpet

Jasper van’t Hof – Keyboards, snare drum, watering can

Patricia Balrak – Vocals

Dra Diarra – Vocals and african drums

Damoyé Titti Camara – Vocals

Kadia Tou Sylla – Vocals

Kaloga Traore – Vocals

Jacques & Jasper Ludolf – Choir on “Neighbours party”

Samson Gasama – African drums

Tony Lakatos – Tenor and sopran sax

Yelke Haisma – Timbales

Tom Holkenborg – Guitar solo on “Bambara”

Manfred Schoof – Trumpet on “Pili Pili”


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