“Boogaloo – a soundtrack for rotating bodies”


“Boogaloo – a soundtrack for rotating bodies”. This album was produced by Ian Maidman who has previously worked with T. Rex, Jeck Beck and Steve Marriot. The songs from the CD were inspired by Jasper’s tour in South Africa. A showcase  to that is the piece “Pilansberg”. It derived from meeting warm and sweet South African people who although terrified by the current situation held positive hopes for the future. The original bird sounds of this track were recorded in Pilansberg, South Africa.


01. The Headpeeper 3:09
02. A Presi Dee 6:19
03. Summerdance 6:01
04. Pilansberg 7:55
05. Live is not a video 4:39
06. Blind date 5:58
07. Jump to dive 6:16
08. Rag Bag 4:06
09. Tight lips 5:13
10. Boogaloo 8:09

Jasper van’t Hof: Piano, keyboards

Dra Diara djebe: African percussion

Patricia Balrak : Vocals

Annie Whitehead: Trombone

Frank Itt : Bass

Tony Lakatos: Saxophone

Marlon Klein: Drums

Tommy Simmerl: Drums

Ian Maidman : Cora strings


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