Be In Two Minds


Featuring Angelique Kidjo.


Tracklist Be In Two Minds

Featuring Angelique Kidjo.
01. Crush Dance 5:38
02. Black Gammon 6:42
03. Les Demoiselles D’Avignon 3:57
04. Life Size 4:29
05. Be in two Minds 4:56
06. Talking Round 4:56
07. Exaltation 1:54
08. One Mind 5:55
09. Postscriptum 3:35

Jasper van’t Hof Keybords

Angelique Kidjo: Lyrics, voice, dance

Marlon Klein: Drums, lyrics

Salifou Sylla: Percussion, vocals

Alpha Camara: Percussion, vocals

Gilbert Camara: Percussion, vocals

Eff Alberts: Guitar on track 2

Sisi: Violin on track 6 & 9



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