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10€ donation minimum and you will receive a download link to 5 titles by Dona Rosa. From 50€ on you can choose to receive the photo book Lisboa – Past & Present on request. If so, please leave us a note on your order or write an email to

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Many artists are doing  economically very bad during the Corona Pandemic. Our long-time artist DONA ROSA receives almost no support from governmental side. As a blind singer she is particularly affected by the isolation. Among other things she cannot afford an expensive computer with which she can communicate with the outside world in Braille, she cannot leave her apartment because she cannot keep any distance. As the pandemic continues, Dona Rosa finds herself in an increasingly desperate situation. We have decided to support her with a campaign to show that we have not forgotten her and to help her financially.
It is the first time that we ask her fans, our contacts, customers and therefore you to support DONA ROSA. Many of you have surely seen the blind singer in the “Rua Augusta” in Lisbon or at one of her worldwide concerts.

You can donate something here for Dona Rosa, no matter whether it is a little or a lot.

As a thank you, all donors of 10 Euro or more will receive a download link with five titles by Dona Rosa

and those who donate at least 50 Euro will receive the photo book LISBOA “Past & Present” as our contribution and thank you  for free.

Your donation will be transferred promptly to Portugal to DONA ROSA. We will then inform all donors about the total amount.

We thank you already  for your support.


Raul Abreu, portuguese guitar player with Dona Rosa

We are all facing challenging, uncertain and difficult moments in this pandemic crisis.
Dona Rosa is a 63 year old blind singer that still needs to sing in the streets of Lisbon for her survival.Since the beginning of this lockdown she had to stay home and faces a precarious situation with a strong lack of financial resources in a country that doesn’t have politics for helping artists in her situation 
In order to support Dona Rosa we kindly ask for your contribution and solidarity so that she may overcome the present difficulties 
With Gratitude 

Best regards from Lisboa

Raul Abreu