• Angelina


    The main aim of the album is to share with the listeners the pleasure of the music. Each song brings its own touch or colour to the kaleidoscopic picture, which reveals the musical atmosphere and temperament of the Bulgarian folklore. The variety of performances highlights the remarkable singing qualities of the 20 singers – a polyphonic instrument in the hands of their conductor and soloists – successors of ancient art of singing.

  • Normal


    On Karolina’s debut album, the tracks are filled with passion and energetic rhythms which cannot let you be seated all the time. Karolina mixes Arabic scales with Latin sounds, drum’n’base with jazz. And so is her single and the clip announcing her debut record – “Prayer”. The song can literally magnetize its audience.

  • This CD is a limited edition album featuring a memorable concert given by the choir in support of the earthquake-stricken city Kobe in Japan (August 28, 1995).

  • Sale!


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    Now an artist from “Trinovox” trio is back: Julian Spizz. 

  • The sequel of the sucessful first compilation SPIRIT IN PAST AND PRESENT: MORE VOICES FROM PAST & PRESENT - a collection of vocal music with Sarband, Trinovox, The Bulgarian Voices ANGELITE, Mikhail Alperin, Sergey Starostin, Huun-Huur-Tu, Hamlet Gonashvili and others. The diggi-pack looks similar to a little book.

  • A collection of vocal music with Sarband, Trinovox, the Bulgarian Voices ANGELITE , Mikhail Alperin, Sergey Starostin, Huun-Huur-Tu, Hamlet Gonashvili and others. " [...] a competent introductory aid in opening one's ears for the heart-moving music of human voices from Southeast Europe and Asia." (Jazzthing/Blue Rhythm)

  • a cappella


    Multicolored, poetical, inventive, and literally without boundaries, two men and two women clearly dare to compete in the land of Zap Mama. Of French, Guayanese, Morrocon and Zairese extraction, TAM 'ECHO' TAM rely on their solid mastering of vocal expression to create an eclectic repertoire bringing in elements from gospel, jazz, African roots-music, French chanson and American folk-bop.

  • Mediterranea


    The theme of the Florentine trio's twelve  compositions is the poetry of the Mediterranean countries, half of it by pre-19th-century female poets. As always, all of the sounds heard on the CD are produced exclusively by the three musician's voices.

  • Hamlet


    After a year of research Jaro Medien has managed to discover missing tapes in Russia which document Hamlet Gonashvili’s solo parts, in order to produce a collection of his most impressive songs.

  • Incanto


    Three composers - one instrument: their voice. Poetry from the past 3000 years in song. Contemporary compositions for the human voice, electronically transformed. Trinovox is a recipient of the "Premio Quartetto Cetra", the renowned Italian prize for vocal music.

  • This album is a recording of a fascinating concert from the Nidaros Cathedral of Trondheim in Norway (March, 1993).

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