• An extraordinary  musical project inspired from songs and rhythms of Western China and Central Asia, using opera structures with folk songs and the musician’s own compositions and adaptations.

  • Sou Luz


    The fourth album “Sou Luz”, translated to English as My Inner Light, has as a motto: “I close my eyes in order to see better”.  This album is showcase of Dona Rosa’s extraordinary gifts in rich and sonorous instrumental settings. 

  • sonnet


    The album was released in France, Germany, Benelux, England, Austria and Switzerland at JARO Medien. The disk was recorded in Paris in winter 2010/11 with her current band and friends playing cello, gimbri (west-african lute), violin, accordion and darbuka (arabian drum). The record led to the  band’s  European success –booked out concerts and enthused audiences.



    Following a one-year maternity leave, „Infinity“ shows us a matured Warsaw Village Band with incredible compositions and several Polish guests. The idea of the album’s title came along the need to take a dip in tradition, derive from it and create contemporary and modern compositions – to inspire other generations.

  • Alma Livre


    With Alma Livre (Free Spirit), her third CD, Dona Rosa presents an exquisite musical jewel. She takes us on a sound journey dominated by rhythmic speech. The musicians accompanying her on the guitar, percussion and accordion, unite the wonderfully balanced and complex arrangements, the cheerfulness and the melancholy, the sweetness and the heaviness into a dynamic composite. 

  • Segredos


    “What I like to do best is dream; in my dreams I can see and I never want to wake up.” Dona Rosa

  • These 'Street Stories' transformed Dona Rosa  from a mere Fado street singer to a real stage performer.