• In a world marked by differences, this musical collaboration creates an intense and contemplative space for peace and respect. Adapted from Bach’s Passions, the spirit of Baroque is intertwined and reinterpreted with the living musical traditions of the Middle East together with the improvisations of Jazz. 

  • This CD presents early Christian chants composed and interpreted by women. The songs range from the Arabic-Christian tradition of Syria and Lebanon in the first centuries after Christ to the rather unknown compositions by Kassia of Byzantium to those of Hildegard von Bingen and music from the cloister Las Huelgas in northern Spain.


  • The perfect Christmas gift for all lovers of choral music! This collection of great choir music first appeared in 1989; in Germany, however, it was only available by mailorder. In a new and expanded edition, VOICES! VOICES! is now being released in a representative 3-CD box by JARO Medien Voices, which presents vocal projects of different periods, genres and cultures.