• Life Road


    Okay Temiz together with his Oriental Wind project presents a colorful fusion of world music rooted in jazz rock of the early 1980s. Here, Oriental Wind shows its fiery brand of Turkish folk-beat with a savour of Africa. The dynamic ensemble is incisive as the group unfolds their magic folk melodies. 

  • Karsilama


    “The sound of the zurna, one of the oldest instruments in the traditional music of the Middle East, has a rough, primeval character. Not only is the zurna difficult to play and keep in tune, it is also very loud, often making it unpopular among its player’s fellow musicians. On the other hand, it is especially effective in combination with drums such as the davul-darbuka, a double-skinned drum. Together, the zurna and the davul are the two most important instruments for the musical accompaniment of traditional weddings, dances and circumcision ceremonies” (Okay Temiz)