• Sou Luz


    The fourth album “Sou Luz”, translated to English as My Inner Light, has as a motto: “I close my eyes in order to see better”.  This album is showcase of Dona Rosa’s extraordinary gifts in rich and sonorous instrumental settings. 

  • Zhyli-Byli


    The album was recorded during a concert in Moscow, 2008. It is a collection of pure melancholy evolving around such topics as how women endure war, death and revolution. The back cover with a samovar in the middle is emblematic for the concept of the album.  As Far From Moscow Magazine (Russia) writes: “Everything that’s said or sung revolves around a kitchen table. It’s the only safe haven in a land where, sooner or later, people will start ‘leaving and heading far into the distance/A long way off and far away/Once and for all – straight into the distance.’ ”.

  • Legend


    'Legend' is a live double CD presenting the complete concert program of the Bulgarian Voices AngeliteHuun-Huur-Tu and Moscow Art Trio collaboration. Here the beauty of the program can be enjoyed in its entirety. This product of many years of work and collaboration is one of the highlights of the world music genre in concert.

  • The long expected studio album of Huun-Huur-Tu was created in cooperation with famous singer Sainkho from Tuva. The aim was to produce an album based on ballads, with sounds of silence and nature, closed to the great environment of central Asia. The listener can dive into mother nature’s womb and take time for “Mother-Earth! Father-Sky!”. 

  • Alma Livre


    With Alma Livre (Free Spirit), her third CD, Dona Rosa presents an exquisite musical jewel. She takes us on a sound journey dominated by rhythmic speech. The musicians accompanying her on the guitar, percussion and accordion, unite the wonderfully balanced and complex arrangements, the cheerfulness and the melancholy, the sweetness and the heaviness into a dynamic composite. 

  • This DVD presents a documentary about Huun-Huur-Tu that covers the early years of the ensemble up to 2004. The main part is a concert recorded at Jazz Lines Festival 2002, Theater im Haus der Kunst, München.

  • This album was conceived and put together by Willy Schwarz. Most of the titles are the musicians’ own compositions. New stylistic elements have been added to traditional themes, and new lyrics written– resulting in something that is new and yet seemingly familiar to us.

  • More live


    This CD contains the second part of the concert from the ‘Music & Drama Theatre’ in Moscow, recorded in April 2001.The first part of this concert can be found under Huun-Huur-Tu’s “Best live” album from 2001. CD presents the song “Eki Attar” in the best version ever recorded (the remix entered position no. 1 of the pop-charts in Greece in 2002).

  • Segredos


    “What I like to do best is dream; in my dreams I can see and I never want to wake up.” Dona Rosa



    No studio recording can compare to the experience of a Huun-Huur-Tu concert. 

  • Journey


    In Scottish Edinburgh, the grandiose singer of the Moscow Art Trio, Sergey Starostin, made this impressive recording with four highly unusual female voices, using no instrumental accompaniment whatsoever. It is not an ordinary collection of songs. The album consists of just one composition, in which Russian and Bulgarian traditions are blended together in a surprising new way. Mikhail Alperin, the musical director, managed to  combine four folk-songs from both Russia and Bulgaria with different story lines into a whole. As a result, “Journey” is sound healing for overburdened, overworked minds – in other words, for almost all of us.

  • The recordings for this production convey the innovative energy of young musicians seeking independence and expression. This project helped the musicians involved (Mari Boine, Sergey Starostin, Inna Zhelannaya, and The Farlanders) to establish their positions, find their directions and absorb new ideas. ‘Winter in Moscow’ is a unique document of this turning point, this new beginning, this departure of different but kindred careers in a new, young Europe.