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  • Angelina


    The main aim of the album is to share with the listeners the pleasure of the music. Each song brings its own touch or colour to the kaleidoscopic picture, which reveals the musical atmosphere and temperament of the Bulgarian folklore. The variety of performances highlights the remarkable singing qualities of the 20 singers – a polyphonic instrument in the hands of their conductor and soloists – successors of ancient art of singing.

  • The DVD presents the audience with miscellaneous insights into the activities of the choir. It includes a sampling of the current concert program (recorded in Iceland), a Belgian television production with three portraits, brief excerpts from concerts all over the world and a documentary on the Mountain Tale project. Passions and Tales presents a virtual journey in time through the choir’s past.

  • This CD is a limited edition album featuring a memorable concert given by the choir in support of the earthquake-stricken city Kobe in Japan (August 28, 1995).

  • This series of initially four CDs provides us with new windows onto the music of our neighbours to the east. No mere rehashing of balalaika and other clichés, it tunes us into a wide range of temperaments and brings us closer to little-known musical cultures of the eastern world. Old melodies and new songs, all of them interpreted by outstanding musicians from the respective countries. A different mood prevails on each of the four CDs. Bulgaria stands for outstanding and unusual choral works. 

  • Mystèries


    The album presents a musical  journey through time from the pre-Christian era to the 20th century. Throughout the album, the influences of different cultures over the Bulgarian people can be observed.

  • Bulgarian Voices – Angelite offers to the listener an excellent interpretation of Christmas songs. The variety of styles represented by the music in this release opens new prospects for creativity, thus, making different musical worlds meet far apart in time yet close to the spiritual makeup of contemporary man. 

  • Mountain Tale

    The CD marks the second collaboration of Angelite with Huun-Huur-Tu and Mikhail Alperin. The latter’s arrangements leads listeners on a journey of discovery through similarities and differences of Russian, Bulgarian and Tuvan folklore, culminating in the fusion presented on this CD.
  • Lale Li Si

    his album is a edited best-of version of the double CD Melody, Rhythm & Harmony.
  • An experimental pop CD topping No. 1 in Italy as well as nominated for a Grammy in the USA.

  • This album is a recording of a fascinating concert from the Nidaros Cathedral of Trondheim in Norway (March, 1993).

  • This CD is a legendary recording of the concert in the church “Unser Lieben Frauen” in Bremen, Germany (December,1987).

  • This album is a unique collaboration of the Bulgarian Voices Angelite with Huun-Huur-Tu and Sergey Starostin & Mikhail Alperin (Moscow Art Trio).