• This CD is of particular interest because it marks the first time the Moscow Art Trio worked with an orchestra. The album was recorded with the Norwegian Orchestra (artistic director– Terje Tønnesen). Mikhail Alperin referred to the compositions as music for an imaginary ballet in six pieces that fantasize on the rural topic. The sources of inspiration are multiple ranging from Sergey Paradjanov’s movies,weddings and Indian Raga.

  • This album was recorded after a two year hiatus of the band due to the sickness of Mikhail Alperin. The CD contains no traditional songs. The lyrics are written by Sergey Starostin and the compositions by Mikhail Alperin. The German Concerto Magazine has reviewed the album by saying: “[…] An excellent one, a masterly extremely interesting musical experience.”

  • The album is a limited edition CD of a live concert held in the Netherlands celebrating the 20thanniversary of the ensemble.
  • The first CD that documents the Moscow Art Trio’s live work. It contains the recording of an inspired concert on the NDR radio studio in Hamburg in 1996.

  • A Polish television recording of the concert at the Kalicz Piano Festival shows the trio’s brilliance and humor, impressively accentuated by the facial expressions and body language of the three musicians. In addition to the eighty-minute concert, the DVD presents a lengthy interview with the ensemble recorded in Moscow in the early summer of 2006.

  • The very constellation of the ensemble- trumpet, three voices and bass- forces and allows new insight into each of the musical genres alluded to, typically labelled Tango, Jazz, Rap, Ethnopop, Belcanto, etc. The standard distribution of roles in the band has also come completely out of joint: The question 'Who is accompanying whom?' has become irrelevant. No-one is accompanying anyone, and everyone is accompanying everyone.

  • Pangramm


    Voted a decade ago as Europe's best keyboard player, Jasper Van't Hof has hauled his multifarious keyboards out of the garage. These include the Korg M1, Kawai CD5, Roland M-CD1, Korg P3+SDD and the DRV 2000 among others - a veritable historic collection! Out of love for experimentation, beyond the melodiousness of calculated music-making, he's joined with Swiss drummer Fredy Studer to create a couragious, joyously experimental CD – "Pangramm".



    The second solo album of Jasper van’t Hof was recorded in November 2002 at Radio Bremen broadcasting hall. The main theme is the explainable, mathematical and recurrent aspect of music, inspired by Gödel, Escher, and Bach, who traced this formula back to its origins in mathematics, painting and music, respectively.

  • The album gathers the influences of Asian and rap music. All these are drawn together by the thread of the multi-talented Norwegian singer, Eli Kristin Hovdsveen Hagen. The traces of Norwegian musical ideas have developed gradually – more or less unconsciously, but naturally – in the course of Alperin’s several years of living in Norway.