• This CD is of particular interest because it marks the first time the Moscow Art Trio worked with an orchestra. The album was recorded with the Norwegian Orchestra (artistic director– Terje Tønnesen). Mikhail Alperin referred to the compositions as music for an imaginary ballet in six pieces that fantasize on the rural topic. The sources of inspiration are multiple ranging from Sergey Paradjanov’s movies,weddings and Indian Raga.

  • This album was recorded after a two year hiatus of the band due to the sickness of Mikhail Alperin. The CD contains no traditional songs. The lyrics are written by Sergey Starostin and the compositions by Mikhail Alperin. The German Concerto Magazine has reviewed the album by saying: “[…] An excellent one, a masterly extremely interesting musical experience.”

  • This CD features lots of well known guest artists: Dhafer Youssef, Alegre Correa, Georg Breinschmid, Oleg Baltaga, Vladimir Volkov, Ney Conceicao, Robertinho Silva, Selio de Carvalho, Edcon “Caf” Da Silva, Adrian Mears, Jonathan Sass and Khakberdy Allamuradov. The title of the album comes from the eponymous composition by the Brazilian guitarist, Alegre Correa, who was so inspired by the Russian capital on first visit that he composed this piece on his way from the airport to the hotel.

  • On this CD, the unique (every part played by Shilkloper himself), the great music and Shilkloper’s uncomparable artistry open new boundaries in modern improvised music and set new standarts of multi-stylistic solo performance.



    On this album, Shilkloper makes his French horn sing in three, four, five voices, using hi-tech electronic devices as samplers and sound processors. His music is a fusion of Jazz, classical music and Russian ethnic tradition and is very beautiful and easy to listen. This CD was Moscow Jazz Association of Journalists’s choice as “Album of the year”.

  • The album gathers the influences of Asian and rap music. All these are drawn together by the thread of the multi-talented Norwegian singer, Eli Kristin Hovdsveen Hagen. The traces of Norwegian musical ideas have developed gradually – more or less unconsciously, but naturally – in the course of Alperin’s several years of living in Norway.

  • Prayer


    With Arkady Shilkloper, French and flugelhorn, and Starostin, voice and percussion, this album is a follow-up of “Folk ” with the same brilliant combination of Jazz and Russian-Moldavian-Romanian Folk elements as well as the guest musicians from the South Siberian republic of Tuva (overtone and throat singing) and a Russian Folk ensemble.

  • The album is a continuation of the Moscow Art Trio’s aesthetic concept, which provides for equal participation of Arkady Shilkloper, a horn player with a background in classical music, the folk singer and clarinetist Sergey Starostin, and Alperin, who refers to himself as “a kind of improvising pianist”. Together they allow for the sense of pleasure, humor and technical brilliance to come into our ears.

  • Folk Dreams


    The listener can enjoy here an impressive combination between Jazz and Russian-Moldavian-Hungarian folk elements, with guest musicians from the South-Siberian Tuva as well as a Russian folk choir (Russkaja Pesnja).

  • The first CD that documents the Moscow Art Trio’s live work. It contains the recording of an inspired concert on the NDR radio studio in Hamburg in 1996.