• The album ‘Nordlichter – Klangewordene Sagen’ (Eng. Northern Lights – Myths in Song), revisits the topic of winter from a slightly different perspective. Aquabella discovers the Far North. As a consequence, the band sets timeless Icelandic myths to music with their own original texts in German. True to their World Music concept, Aquabella also sings original pieces  from Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Latvia.

  • Dawn


    In its musical exploitation TAM 'ECHO' TAM follows the road opened by music that, coming from Africa to America, melted in with the resources of the New World and created such incommensurable styles as salsa, gospel, jazz and since all four members have been educated in French, French chanson came in as a natural "exercise de style".

  • We are rewarded with a musical merry-go-around: Persian wedding party, Swahili ‘Lord’s prayer’, infamous Algerian Aisha, and magnificent Cuban Chan Chan (performed first by Buena Vista Social Club). This extraordinary sound spectrum of their performance is completed by percussion instruments like Udu, hand drum or Cajon. Only for mailorder-customers!

  • Acapella, negro spirituals, traditionals and other songs. Gospel for beginners - an ideal introduction.

  • Kykellia


    All the songs are gathered around the topic of winter and Christmas. These were gathered from 13 countries including: Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Ireland, Latvia, France, Norway, Georgia, Russia, Israel, New Zealand, Argentina and the US. The soothing and beautiful amalgam of voices manages to get a way into our heart sounding strange at times and familiar at others. This melodic doubt lights like a candle our way to discovering long forgotten traditions and rituals.

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    Now an artist from “Trinovox” trio is back: Julian Spizz. 

  • Aquabella’s debut album comprises arrangements, improvisations and compositions from Armenia to America, from Bulgaria to Scotland, from Mauritius to Spain; gathered together to an extraordinary repertoire. The songs are chanted, whispered, hissed, narrated and danced from different perspectives: a mad pope in Romania, from mass-faints in Bulgaria, from piping tailors and fiddling shepherds…

  • Nani Dschann


    This unusual CD was named after the old Armenian folk-song “Nani Dschann” ( Eng. Dear Mother) where a young bride takes leave of her mother. This song makes the listener familiar with thematic spectrum album– a women’s world expanding over: sorrow, happiness, desire, love, hope, jealousy and everyday life. In this world, Aquabella manages tocombine perfectly traditional melodies and contemporary, harmonically complex arrangements with the carefree light-rootedness of true professionals, losing nothing of the folkloric feeling in the .

  • Classics


    A capella, negro spirituals, traditionals and other songs. Gospel for beginners - an ideal introduction.

  • a cappella


    Multicolored, poetical, inventive, and literally without boundaries, two men and two women clearly dare to compete in the land of Zap Mama. Of French, Guayanese, Morrocon and Zairese extraction, TAM 'ECHO' TAM rely on their solid mastering of vocal expression to create an eclectic repertoire bringing in elements from gospel, jazz, African roots-music, French chanson and American folk-bop.

  • Mediterranea


    The theme of the Florentine trio's twelve  compositions is the poetry of the Mediterranean countries, half of it by pre-19th-century female poets. As always, all of the sounds heard on the CD are produced exclusively by the three musician's voices.