• Muscovite jazz French horn, Arkady Shilkloper, put together three excellent musicians for this recording, and all three of them are Siberian residents! This Moscow-Siberian team plays music that is very difficult at first sight but lets everybody go in and explore the same emotions that drove the band when they played this kinky spontaneous music.

  • On this CD, the unique (every part played by Shilkloper himself), the great music and Shilkloper’s uncomparable artistry open new boundaries in modern improvised music and set new standarts of multi-stylistic solo performance.

  • Import-CD which contains nursery rhymes from Finland.

  • This Piirpauke's CD is a collection of live songs recorded during their European tour between July 82 and February 83. The recordings were made in: West-Germany, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.

  • The album is based on the analogy of wine as the symbol of ‘timelessness’ as well as the core of Georgian culture. Poured in the horn, called kantsi, according to the tradition, it stays to remind us about the the musical bouquet, light tones, and dancing atmosphere awaiting for our enjoyment. 

  • On this album Harry Payuta has his Sitar style even more ”westernized” and developed more options for changing harmony, which with this modal instrument in the traditional indian way of playing is not possible. Work on ZACATECOLUCA took place in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Harry Payuta‘s current residence El Salvador and collaboration with musicians from Centro-America has also, of course, left unmistakable traces of Latin America.

  • After 8 years of waiting, Willy Schwarz comes to surprise us with another original album. Similarly to a river, it draws its influences from different thematic and stylistic confluents: a bluesy tale of Murat Kurmaz, a soul version of a Gypsy love song, a music version of a dialog between God and Adam, an old Yiddish love wail, a song about the largest still-standing bunker from the World War 2nd, a classic 60s Dylan-like protest song, and a tender Swedish Christmas carol.

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    Soft Fall

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    In a fulminant way Payuta brings together the incomparable sound of the Didgeridoo with traditional acoustic and electrified instruments as well as central-asian overtone-singing. PAYÚTA & Friends are spectacular in realizing the historical sound-world into High-Energy-Trance-Rhythms but also to sensual moments.

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    ...peaceful moments...
    in a light caribbean breeze
    under the spirit of India