“Nord” is a meeting of musicians in search of common elements between the Slavs, the Scandinavians and the aboriginal peoples of the North. The Warsaw Village Band hosts this musical summit as a tribute to the heroes and mystics, the Viking warriors, and the poets of the Saami and Inuit peoples. Music  comprises the already familiar characteristics:  harsh but dignified, cold and rough, deep and strong, with a hint of nostalgia and with a piercing thrill of truth.



    Following a one-year maternity leave, „Infinity“ shows us a matured Warsaw Village Band with incredible compositions and several Polish guests. The idea of the album’s title came along the need to take a dip in tradition, derive from it and create contemporary and modern compositions – to inspire other generations.

  • upmixing


    In response to countless requests from the world’s DJs, this CD was produced with the consent of the musicians. The band’s only condition was that it should be a Reggae remix album on the basis of their last studio CD “Uprooting”. This CD climbed to fifth place on the European and first place on the German world-music charts, is meanwhile to be found in the Polish pop charts and whets your appetite for the new studio album “Infinity”.

  • This series of initially four CDs provides us with new windows onto the music of our neighbours to the east. No mere rehashing of balalaika and other clichés, it tunes us into a wide range of temperaments and brings us closer to little-known musical cultures of the eastern world. Old melodies and new songs, all of them interpreted by outstanding musicians from the respective countries.   This CD invites you to travel with us to the heart of music from Poland.

  • Uprooting


    The title “Uprooting” – “Wykorzenienie” is intended to provoke, taking us to a similar place as the Rastafarian “upliftment”; in other words, a kind of spiritual attachment emerging from the very roots of musical culture. 

  • “People’s spring” is Warsaw Village Band’s first album produced at Jaro Medien. Here, one could hear string instruments sounding like French horns, furious drums, trance, improvisation, and elements of roots music. Above all, glides the enthusiasm and passion of six young musicians who love to travel their country to find and keep the musical skills of the old ones for their own generation. 

  • “Hopsasa” is the re-issue of their first ever recorded album. It is an invitation to “Hopsasa Classic Polo” featuring only traditional songs from the heart of Poland. The record was considered the folk album of 1998 by the listeners of Polish Radio 3 and the rebellious magazine Brum. 

  • The twelve titles on this sampler present a cross-section of old and new releases. We start with Hazmat Modine, JARO’s most successful production in the last ten years, highly acclaimed from Finland to Sicily. In the summer of 2008, the ensemble will be in Europe for a tour comprising some forty concerts. New tracks from hitherto unpublished CDs by the ensembles Huun-Huur-Tu, Moscow Art Trio and the Warsaw Village Band will then provide an overview of the releases of the coming months.