• In a world marked by differences, this musical collaboration creates an intense and contemplative space for peace and respect. Adapted from Bach’s Passions, the spirit of Baroque is intertwined and reinterpreted with the living musical traditions of the Middle East together with the improvisations of Jazz. 

  • This series of initially four CDs provides us with new windows onto the music of our neighbours to the east. No mere rehashing of balalaika and other clichés, it tunes us into a wide range of temperaments and brings us closer to little-known musical cultures of the eastern world. Old melodies and new songs, all of them interpreted by outstanding musicians from the respective countries. A different mood prevails on each of the four CDs. Turkey draws from the old musical collections of the Osmanic period, while also presenting us with elements astonishing and new. 

  • Worldmusic-sampler with Pili Pili, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Sarband, Luis di Matteo.

  • "Pilgrims of the Soul” takes listeners on a journey into Spain’s Medieval past. Between the 8th  and 14th  centuries, Christians, Jews and Moslems co-existed peacefully in Al-Andalus (present-day Andalusia). Sarband brings this cultural melange to life in music as the Medieval melodies emerge from the lute, dulcimer, Gothic harp and shawm in new splendor. This album is a live performance of Sarband with the Lebanese singer  Fadia el-Hage and the Osnabrück Youth Choir in concert at the Bacchus Temple within the framework of the ‘Baalbek International Festival’.

  • The sequel of the sucessful first compilation SPIRIT IN PAST AND PRESENT: MORE VOICES FROM PAST & PRESENT - a collection of vocal music with Sarband, Trinovox, The Bulgarian Voices ANGELITE, Mikhail Alperin, Sergey Starostin, Huun-Huur-Tu, Hamlet Gonashvili and others. The diggi-pack looks similar to a little book.

  • A collection of vocal music with Sarband, Trinovox, the Bulgarian Voices ANGELITE , Mikhail Alperin, Sergey Starostin, Huun-Huur-Tu, Hamlet Gonashvili and others. " [...] a competent introductory aid in opening one's ears for the heart-moving music of human voices from Southeast Europe and Asia." (Jazzthing/Blue Rhythm)

  • This album gathers melodies from the earlier Sephardic tradition. Medieval Spanish romances and Arabic-Andalusian songs illustrate the preservation and further development of the Sephardic musical culture after its originators, the Spanish Jews, had been expelled from Spain. With the soloists Fadia el-Hage from Beirut und Belinda Sykes, London.

  • Music by Satie & Machaut
  • Medieval pilgrim songs from Spain recorded with the Osnabrück Youth Choir, conducted by Johannes Rahe. So far Sarband’s commercially most successful CD, the “Llibre Vermell de Montserrat” contains liturgical songs as well as dances and songs from the famous manuscript “The Red Book”.

  • Cantico


    Spiritual music between Orient and Occident. A juxtaposition of the music of the Italian lay brotherhoods (laudesi) and the Islamic Sufi brotherhoods in the middle ages.

  • The twelve titles on this sampler present a cross-section of old and new releases. We start with Hazmat Modine, JARO’s most successful production in the last ten years, highly acclaimed from Finland to Sicily. In the summer of 2008, the ensemble will be in Europe for a tour comprising some forty concerts. New tracks from hitherto unpublished CDs by the ensembles Huun-Huur-Tu, Moscow Art Trio and the Warsaw Village Band will then provide an overview of the releases of the coming months.