• Pangramm


    Voted a decade ago as Europe's best keyboard player, Jasper Van't Hof has hauled his multifarious keyboards out of the garage. These include the Korg M1, Kawai CD5, Roland M-CD1, Korg P3+SDD and the DRV 2000 among others - a veritable historic collection! Out of love for experimentation, beyond the melodiousness of calculated music-making, he's joined with Swiss drummer Fredy Studer to create a couragious, joyously experimental CD – "Pangramm".

  • We are rewarded with a musical merry-go-around: Persian wedding party, Swahili ‘Lord’s prayer’, infamous Algerian Aisha, and magnificent Cuban Chan Chan (performed first by Buena Vista Social Club). This extraordinary sound spectrum of their performance is completed by percussion instruments like Udu, hand drum or Cajon. Only for mailorder-customers!

  • It will sound intimately Portuguese, but at the same time you will notice rhythms most associated with Angola and Cape Verde, and you might unearth a ska track, a flamenco song in Spanish, and Miranda singing in Creole and French. 



    Following a one-year maternity leave, „Infinity“ shows us a matured Warsaw Village Band with incredible compositions and several Polish guests. The idea of the album’s title came along the need to take a dip in tradition, derive from it and create contemporary and modern compositions – to inspire other generations.

  • The long expected studio album of Huun-Huur-Tu was created in cooperation with famous singer Sainkho from Tuva. The aim was to produce an album based on ballads, with sounds of silence and nature, closed to the great environment of central Asia. The listener can dive into mother nature’s womb and take time for “Mother-Earth! Father-Sky!”. 

  • upmixing


    In response to countless requests from the world’s DJs, this CD was produced with the consent of the musicians. The band’s only condition was that it should be a Reggae remix album on the basis of their last studio CD “Uprooting”. This CD climbed to fifth place on the European and first place on the German world-music charts, is meanwhile to be found in the Polish pop charts and whets your appetite for the new studio album “Infinity”.

  • This CD is of particular interest because it marks the first time the Moscow Art Trio worked with an orchestra. The album was recorded with the Norwegian Orchestra (artistic director– Terje Tønnesen). Mikhail Alperin referred to the compositions as music for an imaginary ballet in six pieces that fantasize on the rural topic. The sources of inspiration are multiple ranging from Sergey Paradjanov’s movies,weddings and Indian Raga.

  • “Beckmann plays cello – Vol. 2″is the second live recording Beckmann made in the Berlin Philharmonic Concert Hall. It came as an final show of his benefit concert tour on the 5thof April, 2006. The albums presents cello-songs from F. Couperin, J.S. Bach and M. Ravel.

  • The spectrum of this album ranges from the strains of gipsy music to Klezmer and jazz, from Central European classical music to Tango Nuevo, from Oriental melodies to dynamic Arabic rhythms. The Europeans, Africans, Jews and Arabs join here to celebrate the tidings of peaceful international co-existence with enthralling music. 

  • The DVD presents the audience with miscellaneous insights into the activities of the choir. It includes a sampling of the current concert program (recorded in Iceland), a Belgian television production with three portraits, brief excerpts from concerts all over the world and a documentary on the Mountain Tale project. Passions and Tales presents a virtual journey in time through the choir’s past.

  • Alma Livre


    With Alma Livre (Free Spirit), her third CD, Dona Rosa presents an exquisite musical jewel. She takes us on a sound journey dominated by rhythmic speech. The musicians accompanying her on the guitar, percussion and accordion, unite the wonderfully balanced and complex arrangements, the cheerfulness and the melancholy, the sweetness and the heaviness into a dynamic composite. 

  • The album is a limited edition CD of a live concert held in the Netherlands celebrating the 20thanniversary of the ensemble.