“Nord” is a meeting of musicians in search of common elements between the Slavs, the Scandinavians and the aboriginal peoples of the North. The Warsaw Village Band hosts this musical summit as a tribute to the heroes and mystics, the Viking warriors, and the poets of the Saami and Inuit peoples. Music  comprises the already familiar characteristics:  harsh but dignified, cold and rough, deep and strong, with a hint of nostalgia and with a piercing thrill of truth.

  • Sou Luz


    The fourth album “Sou Luz”, translated to English as My Inner Light, has as a motto: “I close my eyes in order to see better”.  This album is showcase of Dona Rosa’s extraordinary gifts in rich and sonorous instrumental settings. 

  • Chaal Baby


    „Chaal Baby“ is the band’s first studio album. For the European release there were added incredibly powerful two songs from a live show captured at Brooklyn’s Southpaw on the band’s second anniversary. ?Most recently, the title track, Chaal Baby, is being used as the background music for the promo ads for the hit FX TV show „It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.“ After the group’s performance at the 2011 globalFEST, Red Baraat was a top pick favorite and featured on PRI’s The World, NPR’s All Songs Considered, New York Times, The Village Voice and others. The group’s debut CD, „Chaal Baby“ (Sinj Records) was voted by several music critics as a top world and jazz release of 2010.

  • sonnet


    The album was released in France, Germany, Benelux, England, Austria and Switzerland at JARO Medien. The disk was recorded in Paris in winter 2010/11 with her current band and friends playing cello, gimbri (west-african lute), violin, accordion and darbuka (arabian drum). The record led to the  band’s  European success –booked out concerts and enthused audiences.

  • The album ‘Nordlichter – Klangewordene Sagen’ (Eng. Northern Lights – Myths in Song), revisits the topic of winter from a slightly different perspective. Aquabella discovers the Far North. As a consequence, the band sets timeless Icelandic myths to music with their own original texts in German. True to their World Music concept, Aquabella also sings original pieces  from Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Latvia.

  • Zhyli-Byli


    The album was recorded during a concert in Moscow, 2008. It is a collection of pure melancholy evolving around such topics as how women endure war, death and revolution. The back cover with a samovar in the middle is emblematic for the concept of the album.  As Far From Moscow Magazine (Russia) writes: “Everything that’s said or sung revolves around a kitchen table. It’s the only safe haven in a land where, sooner or later, people will start ‘leaving and heading far into the distance/A long way off and far away/Once and for all – straight into the distance.’ ”.

  • In Chamber Groove through South Africa. The title “Ukuba noma Unkungabi”points to South Africa, where Pili Pili had already found new musical nourishment in 1999 when the band cooperated with the Phikelela Sakhula Zulu Choir. It was that ensemble which brought forth the singer Smangele Khumalo, Pili Pili’s lead voice on the new CD. Otherwise the new constellation has a different sound, mood, and  more chamber-music-like style.

  • Legend


    'Legend' is a live double CD presenting the complete concert program of the Bulgarian Voices AngeliteHuun-Huur-Tu and Moscow Art Trio collaboration. Here the beauty of the program can be enjoyed in its entirety. This product of many years of work and collaboration is one of the highlights of the world music genre in concert.

  • Black Sea Fire


    Black Sea Fire is a spectacular project which presents music of the peoples of the Black Sea, and is put together with musicians from the countries that share its coasts. The music of “Black Sea Fire“ reflects the fiery temperament, the emotional depth, and the unique, salty, humor of the Black Sea peoples. The love and pride for their land, for their sea, and for their history is felt in every phrase of the music – each according to their own national character, but also as part of a greater, Black Sea, culture.

  • Normal


    On Karolina’s debut album, the tracks are filled with passion and energetic rhythms which cannot let you be seated all the time. Karolina mixes Arabic scales with Latin sounds, drum’n’base with jazz. And so is her single and the clip announcing her debut record – “Prayer”. The song can literally magnetize its audience.

  • Dawn


    In its musical exploitation TAM 'ECHO' TAM follows the road opened by music that, coming from Africa to America, melted in with the resources of the New World and created such incommensurable styles as salsa, gospel, jazz and since all four members have been educated in French, French chanson came in as a natural "exercise de style".

  • In a world marked by differences, this musical collaboration creates an intense and contemplative space for peace and respect. Adapted from Bach’s Passions, the spirit of Baroque is intertwined and reinterpreted with the living musical traditions of the Middle East together with the improvisations of Jazz.