“Nord” is a meeting of musicians in search of common elements between the Slavs, the Scandinavians and the aboriginal peoples of the North. The Warsaw Village Band hosts this musical summit as a tribute to the heroes and mystics, the Viking warriors, and the poets of the Saami and Inuit peoples. Music  comprises the already familiar characteristics:  harsh but dignified, cold and rough, deep and strong, with a hint of nostalgia and with a piercing thrill of truth.

  • The album ‘Nordlichter – Klangewordene Sagen’ (Eng. Northern Lights – Myths in Song), revisits the topic of winter from a slightly different perspective. Aquabella discovers the Far North. As a consequence, the band sets timeless Icelandic myths to music with their own original texts in German. True to their World Music concept, Aquabella also sings original pieces  from Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Latvia.

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    On Karolina’s debut album, the tracks are filled with passion and energetic rhythms which cannot let you be seated all the time. Karolina mixes Arabic scales with Latin sounds, drum’n’base with jazz. And so is her single and the clip announcing her debut record – “Prayer”. The song can literally magnetize its audience.

  • ODƎR

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    Oglinda (The mirror)

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    Yet it is not improvisation as can we know it in jazz music, which is involved here. The criteria that rule over traditional Moldavian music - and more generally, the music of the Balkans - are much too fundamental to be questioned. It would therefore be more appropriate to talk of a spiritual re-appropriation, as if the interpreter´s soul enlightened the ancestral oeuvre despite himself. It is indeed a classical attitude: that of liberty expressing itself within a strict framework

  • Oh! That Cello


    All tracks are compositions by Charlie Chaplin for cello and piano, including the word famous "Limelight". Recordings after the original manuscripts, played according to Chaplin's original manuscripts.

  • A special edition 2-CD box. Recordings after the original manuscripts, played according to manuscripts.

  • The album gathers the influences of Asian and rap music. All these are drawn together by the thread of the multi-talented Norwegian singer, Eli Kristin Hovdsveen Hagen. The traces of Norwegian musical ideas have developed gradually – more or less unconsciously, but naturally – in the course of Alperin’s several years of living in Norway.

  • Pangramm


    Voted a decade ago as Europe's best keyboard player, Jasper Van't Hof has hauled his multifarious keyboards out of the garage. These include the Korg M1, Kawai CD5, Roland M-CD1, Korg P3+SDD and the DRV 2000 among others - a veritable historic collection! Out of love for experimentation, beyond the melodiousness of calculated music-making, he's joined with Swiss drummer Fredy Studer to create a couragious, joyously experimental CD – "Pangramm".

  • The DVD presents the audience with miscellaneous insights into the activities of the choir. It includes a sampling of the current concert program (recorded in Iceland), a Belgian television production with three portraits, brief excerpts from concerts all over the world and a documentary on the Mountain Tale project. Passions and Tales presents a virtual journey in time through the choir’s past.

  • “People’s spring” is Warsaw Village Band’s first album produced at Jaro Medien. Here, one could hear string instruments sounding like French horns, furious drums, trance, improvisation, and elements of roots music. Above all, glides the enthusiasm and passion of six young musicians who love to travel their country to find and keep the musical skills of the old ones for their own generation. 

  • On this CD, the unique (every part played by Shilkloper himself), the great music and Shilkloper’s uncomparable artistry open new boundaries in modern improvised music and set new standarts of multi-stylistic solo performance.

  • "Pilgrims of the Soul” takes listeners on a journey into Spain’s Medieval past. Between the 8th  and 14th  centuries, Christians, Jews and Moslems co-existed peacefully in Al-Andalus (present-day Andalusia). Sarband brings this cultural melange to life in music as the Medieval melodies emerge from the lute, dulcimer, Gothic harp and shawm in new splendor. This album is a live performance of Sarband with the Lebanese singer  Fadia el-Hage and the Osnabrück Youth Choir in concert at the Bacchus Temple within the framework of the ‘Baalbek International Festival’.

  • Pili Pili


    The legendary cult album of the group PILI PILI ...

  • The album contains interpretations of the most known works by Erik Satie: Gnossiennes, Gymnopédies, Pièces froides, Avant-dernières pensées, and Véritables préludes flasques (pour un chien).

  • Classical 6-string guitar. Pieces originally written by Bach for the Baroque lute, transcribed by Christian Kaiser for the 6-string guitar.



  • Polish Spirit


    This series of initially four CDs provides us with new windows onto the music of our neighbours to the east. No mere rehashing of balalaika and other clichés, it tunes us into a wide range of temperaments and brings us closer to little-known musical cultures of the eastern world. Old melodies and new songs, all of them interpreted by outstanding musicians from the respective countries.   This CD invites you to travel with us to the heart of music from Poland.

  • This is Di Matteo’s first album with solo bandoneon compositions. When listening to this album, the listener cannot help but notice the unusual mastery enabling Luis to make his instrument, often designated as a clumsy one, sound “like a whole orchestra”.  All of a sudden, the bandoneon becomes the true voice of tango for us.

  • Portrait


    This album is a presentation of several projects by Mikhail Alperin. Here the listener can enjoy music from different ensembles and line-ups: from piano solo to brass quintet, from folk-choir to violin, recorded live and in studios in Europe and USA. However, the idea of the album is far from putting together a show-sampler or a loose collection of compositions. 

  • This album is a limited double CD edition  celebrating Pili Pili’s 20th jubilee. The first CD contains a best of-compilation and on the second CD there is a new (2003) version of the dance hit “Pili Pili” and some unreleased live recordings. In addition to the album itself, a book comes to visually support your musical enjoyment.   THE ALBUM IS SOLD OUT !

  • Prayer


    With Arkady Shilkloper, French and flugelhorn, and Starostin, voice and percussion, this album is a follow-up of “Folk ” with the same brilliant combination of Jazz and Russian-Moldavian-Romanian Folk elements as well as the guest musicians from the South Siberian republic of Tuva (overtone and throat singing) and a Russian Folk ensemble.

  • This CD features lots of well known guest artists: Dhafer Youssef, Alegre Correa, Georg Breinschmid, Oleg Baltaga, Vladimir Volkov, Ney Conceicao, Robertinho Silva, Selio de Carvalho, Edcon “Caf” Da Silva, Adrian Mears, Jonathan Sass and Khakberdy Allamuradov. The title of the album comes from the eponymous composition by the Brazilian guitarist, Alegre Correa, who was so inspired by the Russian capital on first visit that he composed this piece on his way from the airport to the hotel.

  • Q [kju:]


    The guitarist Lothar Müller plays his instrument as expressive as a singer: his tone, his phrasing, his melodies and stories are of a vocal nature and intensity.

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    Retrospectivo is a musical overview of Luis Di Matteo’s compositional work in the period from 1976 to 1999, featuring characteristic examples from his repertoire.

  • Russian Soul


    This series of initially four CDs provides us with new windows onto the music of our neighbours to the east. No mere rehashing of balalaika and other clichés, it tunes us into a wide range of temperaments and brings us closer to little-known musical cultures of the eastern world. Old melodies and new songs, all of them interpreted by outstanding musicians from the respective countries. A different mood prevails on each of the four CDs. From Russia we hear a hint of melancholy in music which moves us to the core. 

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    Sanson Ki Mala

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    The magnificent voice of Qawwali. Traditional music of the Islamic Sufi-brotherhood. Expressive singing accompanied by harmonium and tablas. In 1995 NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN received the prestigious International Music Prize of the UNESCO.

  • Joachim-Ernst Berendt reads "Seelenlandschaften" (Soulscapes), spiritual poetry from the works of Rainer Maria Rilke, with music by Philip Catherine (guitar), Krzystof Zgraja (flute) and Vladislav Sendecki (piano). J.-E. Berendt regarded "Seelenlandschaften" (Soulscapes) to be the culmination of his numerous poetry and music productions.

  • Segredos


    “What I like to do best is dream; in my dreams I can see and I never want to wake up.” Dona Rosa

  • This album gathers melodies from the earlier Sephardic tradition. Medieval Spanish romances and Arabic-Andalusian songs illustrate the preservation and further development of the Sephardic musical culture after its originators, the Spanish Jews, had been expelled from Spain. With the soloists Fadia el-Hage from Beirut und Belinda Sykes, London.

  • Small classical pieces for the cello