• Mediterranea


    The theme of the Florentine trio's twelve  compositions is the poetry of the Mediterranean countries, half of it by pre-19th-century female poets. As always, all of the sounds heard on the CD are produced exclusively by the three musician's voices.

  • With Mozart’s “Rondo Alla Turca” at its core, this production encompasses early instances of a fascination with things exotic, an attitude based on the equation of the exotic with the promise of great happiness.

  • This CD presents early Christian chants composed and interpreted by women. The songs range from the Arabic-Christian tradition of Syria and Lebanon in the first centuries after Christ to the rather unknown compositions by Kassia of Byzantium to those of Hildegard von Bingen and music from the cloister Las Huelgas in northern Spain.


  • This album gathers melodies from the earlier Sephardic tradition. Medieval Spanish romances and Arabic-Andalusian songs illustrate the preservation and further development of the Sephardic musical culture after its originators, the Spanish Jews, had been expelled from Spain. With the soloists Fadia el-Hage from Beirut und Belinda Sykes, London.

  • These 'Street Stories' transformed Dona Rosa  from a mere Fado street singer to a real stage performer. 



    A cross section of the jazz regions in the JARO collection, of interpreters from different corners of the world and their diversity of programmes: Jasper van't Hofs PILI PILI, TOSHINORI KONDO, Mikhail Alperins Moscow Art Trio, Tam Echo Tam, Charles, Piirpauke and others. Titles from JARO's first LPs and its most recent CD productions, side by side. High in quality. Timeless. Captivating.

  • This album represents an amazing musical trip by Di Matteo to the roots of tango– the African-based rhythms of Candombe. In Uruguay the descendants of  slaves danced to this rousing music with pronounced hip movements. Candombe is played on three drums: the “Piano” (low register / bass), the “Repique” (medium register/tenor) and the “Chico” (high register/alto). 

  • Music by Satie & Machaut
  • And what if the "Black Slavics" really had been deported to Russia and founded a new style of music whose influence continued to be felt down to the present?

  • Best of …


    The “Best of” album is a CD full of punchy Pili Pili hits that includes the world hit “Pili Pili” which gave the group its name. Listening to this CD will mean rediscovery of the familiar for some and new discovery of the surprising for others. However, in either case, the arrangement of the titles goes into making the experience one of pure pleasure.

  • This album comes as a result of Jasper Van’t Hof”s first collaboration with South African musicians. Having discovered the young Zulu choir Phikelela Sakhula in Durban, Van’t Hof made recordings with them and invited them to Europe for a concert tour.

  • All tracks are compositions by Charlie Chaplin for cello and piano, including the word famous "Limelight". Recordings after the original manuscripts, played according to Chaplin's original manuscripts.