• sonnet


    The album was released in France, Germany, Benelux, England, Austria and Switzerland at JARO Medien. The disk was recorded in Paris in winter 2010/11 with her current band and friends playing cello, gimbri (west-african lute), violin, accordion and darbuka (arabian drum). The record led to the  band’s  European success –booked out concerts and enthused audiences.

  • “Mr. Daley, for what it’s worth, your album was one of the highlights of my year. ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ is a masterpiece.” (Guy Peters, Boleuzia Magazine)

  • Black Sea Fire


    Black Sea Fire is a spectacular project which presents music of the peoples of the Black Sea, and is put together with musicians from the countries that share its coasts. The music of “Black Sea Fire“ reflects the fiery temperament, the emotional depth, and the unique, salty, humor of the Black Sea peoples. The love and pride for their land, for their sea, and for their history is felt in every phrase of the music – each according to their own national character, but also as part of a greater, Black Sea, culture.

  • Dawn


    In its musical exploitation TAM 'ECHO' TAM follows the road opened by music that, coming from Africa to America, melted in with the resources of the New World and created such incommensurable styles as salsa, gospel, jazz and since all four members have been educated in French, French chanson came in as a natural "exercise de style".

  • Pangramm


    Voted a decade ago as Europe's best keyboard player, Jasper Van't Hof has hauled his multifarious keyboards out of the garage. These include the Korg M1, Kawai CD5, Roland M-CD1, Korg P3+SDD and the DRV 2000 among others - a veritable historic collection! Out of love for experimentation, beyond the melodiousness of calculated music-making, he's joined with Swiss drummer Fredy Studer to create a couragious, joyously experimental CD – "Pangramm".

  • For his groundbreaking first solo CD, Willy assembled 40 players, from India’s master musicians to American virtuosi Howard Levy and Paul Wertico, to produce (with Warren Senders) what Rolling Stone called “[...] a many-layered fusion of folksong-writing, social criticism, as well as eastern wisdom, of Irish, Indian, and Caribbean blasts – all with disarming innocence”.

  • Tango y mas allá is based on the tango, milonga and candombé musical styles. In addition to the conventional instruments (cello, flute, drums, percussion and bandoneón), the album also contains electronic sounds, e-piano, synthesizer. All these instruments join to form a unified whole. For the first time ever Luis Di Matteo uses the human voice on this CD, which was recorded in 2004. An instrumental-style voice (soprano) features very expressively on the album and gives a special quality to the music.  As the critic Ramón Gonzales declared: “Here, the great abilities of the artist are on display in three different areas, as composer/arranger, soloist and conductor”.

  • Delirious


    Delirious is the outcome of an unusual encounter between two entirely different musicians. Charles Petersohn on the one hand, a jazz DJ, electronic music producer, singer and “street poet,” Jasper van’t Hof on the other, World Music and jazz pianist, composer and arranger, internationally renowned through Pili Pili and other projects. The key to their collaboration is football in the broadest sense.