• This CD features lots of well known guest artists: Dhafer Youssef, Alegre Correa, Georg Breinschmid, Oleg Baltaga, Vladimir Volkov, Ney Conceicao, Robertinho Silva, Selio de Carvalho, Edcon “Caf” Da Silva, Adrian Mears, Jonathan Sass and Khakberdy Allamuradov. The title of the album comes from the eponymous composition by the Brazilian guitarist, Alegre Correa, who was so inspired by the Russian capital on first visit that he composed this piece on his way from the airport to the hotel.

  • Kykellia


    All the songs are gathered around the topic of winter and Christmas. These were gathered from 13 countries including: Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Ireland, Latvia, France, Norway, Georgia, Russia, Israel, New Zealand, Argentina and the US. The soothing and beautiful amalgam of voices manages to get a way into our heart sounding strange at times and familiar at others. This melodic doubt lights like a candle our way to discovering long forgotten traditions and rituals.

  • The Siempre Hay Algo Nuevo is a two-CD set anniversary album. The first, Retrospectivois a musical overview of Luis Di Matteo’s compositional work in the period from 1976 to 1999, featuring characteristic examples from his repertoire. On the second and latest album, Tango y mas allá, based on the tango, milonga and candombé musical styles, electronic sounds, e-piano, synthesizer, and conventional instruments (such as cello, flute, drums, percussion and bandoneón), join to form a unified whole. 

  • Uprooting


    The title “Uprooting” – “Wykorzenienie” is intended to provoke, taking us to a similar place as the Rastafarian “upliftment”; in other words, a kind of spiritual attachment emerging from the very roots of musical culture. 

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    india redhot blue

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    Get ready to be carried away by the multi-instrumentalist Harry Payuta on his new CD India redhot blue to a fantastical and secret world of rhythms and moods. The Indian sitar and its big sister, the surhabar, which is pitched considerably lower, are the focus. This is not classical Indian music, though; here sounds from the Caribbean fuse with jazz, rock-like motifs and a constant pulse from the ethno-trance scene.

  • Worldmusic-sampler with Pili Pili, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Sarband, Luis di Matteo.

  • Blue Fjord


    This recording was made in the early 1990s and to this day has been released only in Russia. The music on this CD is not directly inspired by Norwegian fjords. As Alperin tells us: “[…] it is the expression of an inexplicable nostalgia for the future. Or maybe I just dreamt all of this, the way I have always dreamt my life.”

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    Now an artist from “Trinovox” trio is back: Julian Spizz. 

  • Aquabella’s debut album comprises arrangements, improvisations and compositions from Armenia to America, from Bulgaria to Scotland, from Mauritius to Spain; gathered together to an extraordinary repertoire. The songs are chanted, whispered, hissed, narrated and danced from different perspectives: a mad pope in Romania, from mass-faints in Bulgaria, from piping tailors and fiddling shepherds…

  • More live


    This CD contains the second part of the concert from the ‘Music & Drama Theatre’ in Moscow, recorded in April 2001.The first part of this concert can be found under Huun-Huur-Tu’s “Best live” album from 2001. CD presents the song “Eki Attar” in the best version ever recorded (the remix entered position no. 1 of the pop-charts in Greece in 2002).

  • “People’s spring” is Warsaw Village Band’s first album produced at Jaro Medien. Here, one could hear string instruments sounding like French horns, furious drums, trance, improvisation, and elements of roots music. Above all, glides the enthusiasm and passion of six young musicians who love to travel their country to find and keep the musical skills of the old ones for their own generation.