• The twelve titles on this sampler present a cross-section of old and new releases. We start with Hazmat Modine, JARO’s most successful production in the last ten years, highly acclaimed from Finland to Sicily. In the summer of 2008, the ensemble will be in Europe for a tour comprising some forty concerts. New tracks from hitherto unpublished CDs by the ensembles Huun-Huur-Tu, Moscow Art Trio and the Warsaw Village Band will then provide an overview of the releases of the coming months.

  • The album is a continuation of the Moscow Art Trio’s aesthetic concept, which provides for equal participation of Arkady Shilkloper, a horn player with a background in classical music, the folk singer and clarinetist Sergey Starostin, and Alperin, who refers to himself as “a kind of improvising pianist”. Together they allow for the sense of pleasure, humor and technical brilliance to come into our ears.

  • Folk Dreams


    The listener can enjoy here an impressive combination between Jazz and Russian-Moldavian-Hungarian folk elements, with guest musicians from the South-Siberian Tuva as well as a Russian folk choir (Russkaja Pesnja).

  • This is the first  CD of Russian folk-jazz ensemble Farlanders(Moscow) featuring Sergey Starostin.

  • The first CD that documents the Moscow Art Trio’s live work. It contains the recording of an inspired concert on the NDR radio studio in Hamburg in 1996.

  • Prayer


    With Arkady Shilkloper, French and flugelhorn, and Starostin, voice and percussion, this album is a follow-up of “Folk ” with the same brilliant combination of Jazz and Russian-Moldavian-Romanian Folk elements as well as the guest musicians from the South Siberian republic of Tuva (overtone and throat singing) and a Russian Folk ensemble.

  • This album is a unique collaboration of the Bulgarian Voices Angelite with Huun-Huur-Tu and Sergey Starostin & Mikhail Alperin (Moscow Art Trio). 

  • This album is intended as an initiation for a younger audience into the misterious throat singing technique. from Russia, France, Greece, and Germany have remixed 11 titles originally composed by Huun-Huur-Tu. Different remix styles make the album one of the most interesting Remix-products on the record market. It is not incidental that the album topped No. 1 in the European World Music Charts in September 2002.

  • The perfect Christmas gift for all lovers of choral music! This collection of great choir music first appeared in 1989; in Germany, however, it was only available by mailorder. In a new and expanded edition, VOICES! VOICES! is now being released in a representative 3-CD box by JARO Medien Voices, which presents vocal projects of different periods, genres and cultures.

  • Portrait


    This album is a presentation of several projects by Mikhail Alperin. Here the listener can enjoy music from different ensembles and line-ups: from piano solo to brass quintet, from folk-choir to violin, recorded live and in studios in Europe and USA. However, the idea of the album is far from putting together a show-sampler or a loose collection of compositions. 

  • Sale!

    Every Day A Trial

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  • An experimental pop CD topping No. 1 in Italy as well as nominated for a Grammy in the USA.