• Jazz Because

    The four CDs include two studio CDs with recordings from different periods and musicians. From Bob Malach, Archie Shepp to Angeique Kidjo. The two live CDs are archival recordings of the various radio archives such as NDR and Radio Bremen, with Association PC, Pili Pili, dead Blanke, Edward Vesala, Jiri Stivn, Zbiegniew Seifert, Marylin Mazur, Charlie Mariano, Ernie Watts, Soo and Association PC

    This CD box is only available as a limited edition of 500 pieces and includes a 96 page biography in German and Dutch alongside the four CDs.

  • This album is a limited double CD edition  celebrating Pili Pili’s 20th jubilee. The first CD contains a best of-compilation and on the second CD there is a new (2003) version of the dance hit “Pili Pili” and some unreleased live recordings. In addition to the album itself, a book comes to visually support your musical enjoyment.   THE ALBUM IS SOLD OUT !

  • Live 88


    Feat. ANGELIQUE KIDJO - a wonderful live-CD, recorded 1988.

  • In Chamber Groove through South Africa. The title “Ukuba noma Unkungabi”points to South Africa, where Pili Pili had already found new musical nourishment in 1999 when the band cooperated with the Phikelela Sakhula Zulu Choir. It was that ensemble which brought forth the singer Smangele Khumalo, Pili Pili’s lead voice on the new CD. Otherwise the new constellation has a different sound, mood, and  more chamber-music-like style.

  • This is a live recording of HotLips by Deutschlandradio Kultur at the Quasimodo, Berlin, January 2007.
  • Nomansland


    “Nomansland” tells a very personal story of slavery from the point of view of the African victims. Men, women and children speak of the terrible events and their consequences: imprisonment, separation, longing, homesickness, hope, resistance and finally the conscious resolution not to pity oneself but to set out to live the future. African and European musicians alike have participated in this production.



    A cross section of the jazz regions in the JARO collection, of interpreters from different corners of the world and their diversity of programmes: Jasper van't Hofs PILI PILI, TOSHINORI KONDO, Mikhail Alperins Moscow Art Trio, Tam Echo Tam, Charles, Piirpauke and others. Titles from JARO's first LPs and its most recent CD productions, side by side. High in quality. Timeless. Captivating.

  • NeverNeverLand


    The album represents the debut of the HotLips band. Mirroring the experience gained in group projects such as Pork Pie and Eyeball, the result is both a review of the past and a glimpse of the future – a kind of fusion of “modern composing”. The charm of the new constellation lies in the electro-acoustic design of the concept. Powerful and sophisticated passages for brass are enhanced by lyrical, challenging solos and funk.

  • This album marks the last of a series of CDs  to come about spontaneously and nearly by chance. It was recorded during the tour in January 1995 and comprises more jazzy grooves. Pili Pili defines its own standard of jazz: raw, personal, stubborn, always inspired by rhythm and groove, fantastic for dancing.

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    Stolen Moments

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    The Dutch pianist Jasper van't Hof successfully merges European Jazz, fusion and various elements of African music.