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JARO PREVIEW FALL-WINTER 2014-15 by Ulrich Balß I've been producing first LPs and then CDs for Jaro Medien for over 30 years. Now, in an unusual step, Jaro would like to make recommendations and forecasts, both from me as "record exec", as well as from our employee/partners, just to keep you all up to date. We take months to develop our projects, and what's been in our heads all that time is now either ready or in production. Here is a preview of what's ahead for Jaro in the coming months; First off, there's a new release of a wonderful recording from Aquabella; "Ayadooeh!"(Jaro 4323-2) with 16 World Music "hits", from "Pata-Pata" to "Im Nin Alu", immortalized by Ofra Haza.  All titles are A-Cappella. At the end of September, at long last "AtlanticBeat" from Oquestrada (Jaro 4231-2) arrives. We've been waiting for this, their second release, for three years. In the mean time, the band played at the presentation of the Nobel Peace Prize, transmitted to 150 countries worldwide. You can see the great Youtube video of their Oslo appearance. Highly praised in their native Portugal, we can pass on these laurels in advance! Here in Germany, the invitation to Ina Müller's Late Night Show introduced [...]