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Each month we provide you with a special album  that we think could be interesting for your projects. Please find below the current issue.

Issue 8: “Mountain Tale” 

The Bulgarian Voices ANGELITE &

Moscow Art Trio with HUUN-HUUR-TU


Artist: The Bulgarien Voices ANGELITE, Moscow Art Trio, HUUN-HUUR-TU
Country: Bulgaria, Tuva, Russia
Genre: Folk, World Music
Music: A unique melting of stunning voices from Bulgaria, Tuva and Russia
Tracks: 9 tracks + Bonus track available with full rights delivery!

After the fist CD – “Fly, Fly, My Sadness”- with The Bulgarian Voices ANGELITE, HUUN-HUUR-TU and Sergey Starostin was released in 1995, the complete Moscow Art Trio directed by Mikhail Alperin joined the project raisng the number of participating artists to twenty-eight. The mailn goal of this unique experiment was to cross the borders between traditional and contemporary music, explore the similarities and differences between Russian, Bulgarian and Tuvan folk music and present the resulting unity to the listeners
Misha Alperin remembers: “For a long time I had been studying the common denominator of meditative structures in various folklorist forms of expression. For instance the Russian tradition of lengthy songs. A similar mood and similar colors might be found in Tuvan songs of the steppe, and is also reflected in the musical landscape of folk songs from the Radopi region in Bulgaria, as well as in many Jewish songs.”

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  • 2011: Song “Bahamut” by Hazmat Modine forPina (Directed by: Wim WendersProduction: Neue Road Movies; Country: Germany, France, UK). The dance from Pina LINK. Another version of the  the dance from the TV Series “So You Think You Can Dance” LINK.

  • 2011: Song “Tamara Delihoron” by Okay Temiz forTinker Tailor  Soldier Spy (Directed by: Tomas Alfredson; Production: Studio Canal; Country: France, UK, Germany)

  • 2008: Soundtrack composed by Hazmat Modine for – Tokyo Joe (Directed by: Kenichi Oguri, Production: Tohokushinsha Film Corporation, Country: USA)

  • 2003: Song performed by The Bulgarian Voices Angelite for – Brother Bear (Directed by: Aaron Blaise, Robert Walker; Production: Walt Disney; Country: USA )

  • 2001: Song “Fly Fly My Sadness” by the Mountain Tale for – The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat) (Directed by: Zacharias Kunuk; Production:  Aboriginal Peoples Television Network; Country: Canada)


  • 2004: Song “Eki Attar” by Huun-Huur-Tu for – a Greek Soccer Lottery commercial OPAP-PROPO. You can watch it by clicking on the picture above.



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

JARO supports as well independent film makers and film school productions worldwide for a special – low budget rate. Below are some examples:

  • 2009: Film Arcadia Lost , Merchant Films. Music from: Warsaw Village Band – Mateczja

  • 2012: Animation Film from Canada for a baccalaureate diploma. Music from: Mountain Tale  – Fly,fly my sadness

  • 2012: Short film trailer  called Rapha by Ertzui Fims. Music from : Warsaw Village Band – Do ciebie Kasiuniu 

  • 2013:  Short film “Pussy Cat” by Brod Productions, Simon Wharf (England). Music from: Warsaw Village BandThe Rain is Falling & At My Mothers