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A concert trip to China

Dona Rosa - Tour in China 14. to 30. of April 2017 Dona Rosa started off for Beijing from Lisbon on April 14th. She and her musicians arrived in China early on the morning after. A few hours rest, and then in the evening we were invited by our agent to a famous Beijing Duck Restaurant. Various high-ranking government officials over the last 50 years have dined there. For the few practiced chopstick users among us, naturally there was western cutlery.  Along with the duck, which was cut up at the table and served in pockets of dough, there were so many other various dishes that they all scarcely fit on the table!  Beer or tea, as one preferred, were our drinks.  As wonderful as the duck tasted, Dona Rosa preferred even more the warmth of the people. The small, blind woman from Europe drew many away from whatever they were doing, who unabashedly stopped and stared at Dona Rosa, at first not knowing she was blind. We only saw blind or disabled people only two times in our 18 days in China.  Both times they were musicians.  It seemed impossible for disabled people to even go out in the streets alone.  Traffic rules are completely disregarded.  Bicycles, Autos, and Mopeds travel on the wrong side of the street, cut off the oncoming traffic, etc.  evidently without rules and with very little regard.  That we didn't have or see an accident, borders on a miracle. The second day, our first concert in Tianqiao Art Center, a gigantic concert and arts center with three halls, in the area of the Temple of Heaven. Dona Rosa in China We were in the middle hall the guests, and in the evening 700 listeners showed up.  Before the Beijing concert, there was [...]

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Wenn ein Label mehr als 250 Produktionen im Laufe von vielen Jahren veröffentlicht hat, geraten einige Produktionen in Vergessenheit. Wir wollen mit Regelmäßigkeit auf einige Schätze des Katalogs aufmerksam machen.  Diesmal haben wir aus der Schatzkiste Musik starker Frauen hervorgehoben. Projekte, wo Frauen bestimmend sind, nicht nur den Stimmenpart ausfüllen, sondern wo ihr Gespür für Musik die Tonträger prägt. Wir finden, dass es einige Schätze zu entdecken gibt. Um Ihnen die Musik schmackhaft zu machen, haben wir uns entschlossen, Ihnen eine CD zu schenken, wenn sie zwei kaufen, eine gute Chance, etwas Neues zu entdecken. Ab April wird JARO eine runderneuerte Webseite präsentieren, wo wir es Ihnen einfacher und übersichtlicher machen können, ihre Musik auszuwählen.

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