Hazmat Modine (Best of)

Hazmat Modine Vinyl

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Year: 2013

Art.-Nr.: 4313-1.

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First released of Hazmat Modine Vinyl, 180 Gram Audiophile

After more than 22 years JARO released a new LP: by Hazmat Modine. A selection from band leader Wade Schuman presents on the A side pieces of their first CD “Bahamut” and on the B side title’s of the second CD “Cicada”. The LP was  published as 180 Gram Audiophile, limited edition 1000 pieces (worldwide).

A limited number of vinyls will be sold at the concerts at the merchandise stand of Hazmat Modine.

A Side:

1. Bahamut
2. It Calls Me
3. Almost Gone
4. Who Wlaks In When I Walk Out


B Side:

1. Two Forty Seven
2. Child Of A Blind Man
3. In Two Years
4. The Tide
5. Ebb Tide