Live In Zakopane (2DVD)


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Dikanda – Live In Zakopane – 2DVD with 19 songs. 
Andrzej “Fis” Jarzabek – violin
Krzysztof Czech – violin
Pawel Trebunia-Tutka – viola
Szymon Bobrowski – trumpet
Dikanda in one of the African’s dialects stands for family. This is directly connected with the group’s spirit – they live and work as if it was a small, loving family.
The group was founded in 1997 in Szczecin, Poland.  Passion for the traditional music and hard work let them create their own style and original sound.
Their acoustic songs have been inspired wholly by Poland’s folklore, Oriental culture, Balkan, Macedonian and Romanian. Typical Dikanda’s style is creation of new words and meanings in composed songs, as well as traditional folk songs.
So far they have released 5 albums, played hundreds of concerts, including many significant European festivals. They were given numerous prizes, such as:I Prize at the Festival „Nowa tradycja” in  1999,
I Prize at the Festival „Eurofolk” in 1999,
III place at the Folk Phonogram of the Year for the record „Jakhana Jakhana” in 2002,
The First Award and the Audience Award on “Folkherbst 2004” festival in Plauen,
Album of the year 2005 for “Usztijo” awarded by “Folker magazine”
Dikanda’s concerts are a unique journey round the music of the world, a spontaneous meeting full of energy, charisma, genuine passion, joy and emotion for the audience as well as the band itself.
They have played in India, Greece, and Russia and at the Montreux Jazz Festival. They achieved their popularity and great sympathy audience in many western-European countries (particularly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy) and throughout the world.