Dikanda 2


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The Polish sextet Dikanda have a passionate joy of singing and making music, spontaneily with an incredible energy.
With its gorgeous original compositions that draw from the Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Jewish, Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish and Arabic music tradition, are Dikanda welcome guests at prestigious folk and ethnic festivals in Europe, but were also invited twice at the Jazz Festival in Montreux. Dikanda is in fact a stunning live band , which creates the perfect atmosphere for dancing, not least because also the charismatic frontwoman Ania Witczak long on the chair can not stand.
The “Rassi” lyrics are about life, about the peasants who work, celebrate, drink, fall in love, dance and music. There are traditional texts about the lives of ” ordinary people ” and everyday topics .
The incredible diversity of voices of the charismatic singer and accordionist Ania in combination with the other five musicians and their array of violin, viola, guitar, bass, drums and percussion, raises great longings and unsuspected energies. Dikanda connect joyful and melancholic pieces together that awaken both dreams and hope and invite to dance.