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All JARO-Artists

Mountain Tale
A unique melting of stunning voices from Bulgaria, Tuva and Russia

Polish chanson from Paris

Atlantic Beat Mad'in Portugal

A capella world music from Germany

Arkady Shilkloper
Extraordinary Jazz-Hornist

Bulgarian Voices Angelite
The world famous female choir from Sofia with crossover-project ambitions

Dona Rosa
Traditionals & fados from the streets of Lisbon

Hamlet Gonashvili
The voice of the Georgian soul

Hannes Beckmann
Jazz and Folk virtuoso from Munich

Hazmat Modine
Phenomenal blending of American roots music with various influences including rocksteady, calypso and gypsy folk...

Archaic voice wonder from Tuva

Jasper van’t Hof
Piano & Organ

Jasper van’t Hof’s Pili Pili
Pioneers of world-jazz-dance music, even before genres like this existed...

Joachim-Ernst Berendt
Jazz producer, philosopher and music guru

Johannes Cernota
Pianist, composer and artist. One of the world's most remarkable interpreters of Eric Satie

Joseph Daley Earth Tones Ensemble
The tubist of Hazmat Modine composes monumental orchestral Jazz pieces focusing on the lower register

Karolina Glazer
The rising star of Jazz vocalists from Poland

Luis Di Matteo
One of the last great bandoneonists

Mikhail Alperin
Innovative pianist who creates music out of Jazz, Classical and Folklore - crossover in the truest sense of the word

Moscow Art Trio
Unique melting of Folk, Classic and experimental Jazz

Okay Temiz
Virtuous percussionist from Turkey

Mystic medieval music from orient and occident

Sergey Starostin
Indefatigable discoverer of Russian Tradition and brilliant Jazz and Folk musician

The Immigrant Orchestra
The global sound of the music immigrants from Bremen

The Shin
Georgian Folk meets Fusion-Jazz - borderless, joyful and highly virtuousic!

Red Baraat
Dhol' n' Brass - New Orleans Brass Band meets Indian Bhangra grooves

Thomas Beckmann
Cello virtuoso with distinctive sound

Willy Schwarz
World traveller, cosmopolitan and passionate multi-instrumentalist

Warsaw Village Band
The innovative evolution of Polish traditional music

Avantgarde Singer-Songwriter from China - an archaic trip through Asian soundscapes

Oliver Rajamani
Indian Texas Gypsy Sound

Ashia Bison Rouge
Cellist, Songbird, Composer, Performance Artist

Rachelle Garniez
Multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter...
Songbirds Collective
Songbirds Collective
An evening with four extraordinary Singer-Songwriters

Electronic jazz without artifice

Singer/Songwriter No. 1 in Namibia