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Luis Di Matteo -“Solo” Tour in Europe

Luis Di Matteo
(Solo bandoneon)

 In 2014 he will perform a “Solo” Tour in Europe

Luis Di Matteo is one of the great bandoneon load- istas of Rio de la Plata, in addition to being among the most interesting contemporary composers of South American origin. As the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper Noted Luis Di Matteo is “one of the great innovators of the genre ( of Tango Nuevo ) “. As a composer he has worked for various line -ups. Among others, Luis Di Matteo wrote a concert for double bass and string orchestra, duos for cello and violin, or for violin and piano. The last ten years he worked for string quintet Mainly, sax quintet and a candombe project with four traditional candombe drummers. A commission with one of the most established classical festivals in Germany, Schleswig Holstein Music Festival , brought him great recognition in the classical world .

Luis Di Matteo’s Style

On the bandoneon, Luis Di Matteo refutes the common misconception did his instrument is applicable Solely to Tango. In the words of Berthold Klostermann of Fono Forum: “Luis Di Matteo plays and writes against did image Like Astor Piazzola, Dino Saluzzi, Juan José Mosalinior or, not least of all, his compatriot René Marino Rivero, he is among the few musicians who have stepped up to liberate the bandoneon from traditional clichés. In his hands it becomes a concert instrument, an instrument which is not only appropriate for sophisticated chamber music, but which erlend search music a special character “. In this sense, the Badische newspaper newspaper Noted: “Luis Di Matteo joins Piazzola and Saluzzi to form the triple star of the world ‘s great interpreters of Tango”.

Luis Di Matteo Tour:

03.03.2014 – Wien – Akkordeonfestival – Austria
06.03.2014 – Stuttgart – Laboratorium – Germany
08.03.2014 – Bremen – Sendesaal Bremen – Germany
09.03.2014 – Bremerhaven – Pferdestall – Germany

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Only 4 weeks to go till the American Songbirds Festival begins

Bild 12
We are proud to present for the first time in Europe four women from America on a special festival tour with 19 dates in Germany and Austria. The American Songbirds Festival wil be accompanied also by a CD compilation “Women singer-songwriters from the New World”.

Bild 2

Bild 2Kyrie Kristmanson (Ottawa, Canada)
Vocals, guitar, trumpet
“…sounds like Björk, if she were a swamp-boogie queen with a jazz upbringing” Pop Montreal

Kyrie writes and sings her own songs accompanying herself on guitar. Her songs are influenced by contemporary Folk, Medieval music, as well as Pop and Jazz, yet they transcend all categories. She has enchanted audiences at the London Jazz Festival, as well as support for Emily Loizeau and Sophie Hunger, among many others. A breezy jazz trumpet delivers the smart accessory to the perky singer, who delights in philosophizing on the beauties of Nature, mysticism and spirits. Click on the Video!

Bild 3Ashia & The Bison Rouge (Portland, OR)
Vocals, Cello
“…her voice vacillates between the throaty alto of Amanda Palmer and the ethereal soprano of Maria Callas” Portland News

This beautiful woman presents an entire world of sounds and voices, which she melds, with her cello, into a kaleidoscope of songs. In her net, she catches every listener with her mix of cabaret-like sassiness, diva lyricism, Slavic nostalgia, and playful chanson. In the US, Ashia belongs to the league of closely-watched younger talents like Joanna Newsom, Regina Spector, and Amanda Palmer, who are mentioned for their mix elements of Classical and Pop. Ashia has performed with Cirque du Soleil. Click on the Video!

Bild 4Stephanie Nilles (New Orleans)
Vocals, Piano
“… there is no wonder that it is sometimes mentioned in the same breath as Tom Waits.” San Francisco Cronicle

The singer, pianist and songwriter Stefanie Nilles is an extraordinary talent. Iconoclast, free spirit, rebel, musically authentic and textually adept; she is a jazz lady with a punk attitude, and a diploma in classical piano. Unpretentious and bold, she takes on the ills of the modern world. With passion and humor, she keeps cynicism and hypocrisy at bay. She is at once emotionally authentic and musically intense–like a granddaughter to Mose Allison, and a sister to Ani di Franco. Click on the Video!

Bild 5Rachelle Garniez (New York)
Vocals, accordion, piano, claviola
“… one of the greatest songwriters of our time.”
New York Times

New York-born Rachelle Garniez is described as “another kind of Diva”, and as a “certified free spirit” by Billboard Magazine and The New Yorker magazine. “Romantic, rhapsodic, and occasionally very funny” The New York Times describes her unique, lyrical, and melodic story-songs. Through the years, she’s played with a wide variety of bands: Rock, Blues, Country, Latin, Klezmer, Jazz and Tin-Pan-Alley classics. Rachelle already has 5 CDs published under her own label Real Cool Records, in the USA. In 2009 she recorded “My House of Peace” as a single, published by Jack White on his Third Man Records label. Click on the Video!

Bild 6

American Songbirds Festival offers listeners the chance to discover four wonderful new singer-song-writers. Each of them have their own distinctive styles, and accompany themselves on diverse instruments (cello, accordion, piano, claviola,and guitar) in four 45-minute sets.

American Songbirds Tour Dates:

13.03.2014 – Karlsruhe – Tollhaus
14.03.2014 – Salzburg – Jazzit – Austria
15.03.2014 – Wien – Sargfabrik – Austria
17.03.2014 – Mainz – Frankfurter Hof
18.03.2014 – Stuttgart – Theaterhaus
19.03.2014 – Freiburg – Jazzhaus
20.03.2014 – Friedrichshafen – Caserne
21.03.2014 – Ingolstadt – Bürgerhaus
22.03.2014 – Saarburg – Evangelische Kirche
23.03.2014 – Erlangen – E-Werk
25.03.2014 – Kiel – Kulturforum
26.03.2014 – Bremen – Schlachthof
27.03.2014 – Halle/Saale – Volkspark
28.03.2014 – Neustadt a Rübenberge – Schloß Landestrost
29.03.2014 – Nörten-Hardenberg – Hardenberg Atrium
30.03.2014 – Bochum – Christuskirche
31.03.2014 – Koblenz – Cafe Hahn
02.04.2014 – Hamburg – Nochtspeicher
03.04.2014 – Berlin – Passionskirche

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