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Huun-Huur-Tu in Leipzig

Huun-Huur-Tu – Archaic voice wonder from Tuva – in Leipzig:

Photos from the first concert on 30th May 2013, from the University Hospital and the final concert on 2nd June 2013.

Copyright DREIECK MARKETING Holger Schneider.

The music of Huun-Huur-Tu on CDs (Best Live – JARO 4236-2, More Live – JARO 4246-2, Spririts from Tuva – JARO 4243 and Mother Earth – Father Sky – JARO 4281-2), DVD (Live In Munich – 4284-8) or as download her:

Summer offers

To preserve your holiday budget, we would like to present you the Summer offers – four deals every 14 days. These CDs you can get for 10.00 euros per CD. For the first offer we have selected CDs that can be heard well in the summer. Music from Portugal with Oquestrada and Dona Rosa, from Poland with Warsaw Village Band and Africa with Jasper van’t Hof’s Pili Pili meets Phikelela Sakhula Zulu Choir.

The offer is valid until 15th July, after which there are four new offers!